Warning of speedy unfold of black fly in Spain


The Nationwide Affiliation of Environmental Well being Firms (Anipla) has issued a warning on the pest that spreads critical illnesses in a number of different international locations.

Friday, 5 August 2022, 18:19

Spain’s Nationwide Affiliation of Environmental Well being Firms (Anipla) has issued a warning over the speedy unfold of the black fly that causes critical illnesses in sub-Saharan Africa and different international locations together with Brazil and Venezuela. The six-millimeter-long insect does not at the moment carry critical illnesses in Spain, but it surely leaves victims with a nasty chew.

“The basic drawback with this insect is that it bites like a noticed, which causes a extreme wound and might result in an infection and really harmful allergy symptoms, which in some circumstances require hospitalization. is required,” explains George Galvan, Enecpla’s basic director.

It begins by injecting a small dose of anesthetic, which permits it to chew with out the affected particular person being seen. Its saliva normally causes sturdy allergy symptoms and extreme ache within the space. The fly leaves the sufferer with a number of centimeters of froth that usually bleeds, accompanied by extreme swelling that may last as long as a month.

When you have been bitten by a blackfly, it will be important to not scratch it, as this may worsen the wound and make it contaminated. It is suggested to use ice to cut back swelling, or a light corticosteroid ointment. It’s advisable to instantly go to the closest hospital or well being middle and report the case to keep away from worsening of the response.

The Spanish areas most affected by the looks of the black fly are Andalusia, Aragon, Catalonia, Madrid, Murcia and Valencia, the place this native pest has elevated to unprecedented numbers, primarily attributable to elevated temperatures in recent times. It breeds within the river mattress.

“Excessive temperature is without doubt one of the fundamental elements for the height within the quantity of black fly populations”, explains Galvan. “Their life cycle, which might final from just a few days to a number of months, could be halved in highly regarded climates.”

The black fly is a transmitter of great infectious illnesses resembling onchocerciasis, which is endemic in a number of international locations in sub-Saharan Africa, Brazil and Venezuela, the place some 18 million individuals have been contaminated and almost 270,000 have turn into blind, in keeping with the World Well being Group. This illness is often known as ‘river blindness’.

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